Launch of Multisport Rockstars in Limburg

Introducing the Multisport Rockstars weekend, packed with various traditional and non-triathlon triathlon disciplines and distances.  

Extra Leisure is launching the first Multisport Rockstars weekend from Friday, May 12th – Sunday May 14th 2023. The Rockstars event is spread out over 3 consecutive days with each day dedicated to a triathlon discipline. The swimming event takes place on Friday with various open water distances. On Saturday, the road cycling, gravel and mountain biking events take place, and on Sunday the running event is launched which includes road running and trail running. Rockstars was imagined to bring together athletes and triathletes from different disciplines and celebrate a sporting weekend together with festivities and entertainment. The variety in distances give both recreational participants and experiences athletes the chance to participate in the Multisport weekend.  

The event will take place at the Geusseltpark in Maastricht, Limburg.  

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