In typical Rockstars fashion, the course will be provided with GPX files. All participating athletes are expected to load the course onto their watches or alternative devices. Click the buttons below to find courses and GPX files.

Please note: The route will not have any signs along the course. It is therefore crucial that all participants have the route loaded on a functioning device before the start of the race. The road running race is the only event that takes place on asphalt with closed roads. Additionally, the swim will be marked used buoys.

Aid stations will be positioned along the course route however these are self-service. Every athlete must refill their bottles themselves and take any snacks on offer at the stations.

Event Schedule

Friday May 12th, 2023

What Wheretime
Registratie pick-upParking, Grindgat, Oosterweg17.00 – 18.30
Briefing all distancesStart shute18.30
1900 en 3800 meter atletes to waterStart  18.40
1900 en 3800 meter atletes gun-shotStart18.45
750 en 1500 meter atletes to startStart Hoge Weerd18.55
750 en 1500 meter atletes gun-shotStart Hoge Weerd19.00
Award ceremonyFinish line


Saturday May 13th, 2023

Registration pick-upMarathonweg 1, Maastricht7.00 – 18.00
Briefing MTBStart shute8.55
Start MTB all distancesStart 9.00
Briefing GravelStart shute9.05
Start Gravel all distancesStart9.10
Briefing RoadStart shute9.15
Start Road all distancesStart9.20
Finish line festival, Live music, DJ Mathon, CoverbandFinish 10.30 – 17.30
Awards ceremonyFinish 17.00

Sunday, May 14th, 2023

Registration pick-upMarathonweg 1, Maastricht7.30
Start ultra trail 50Start9.30
Start trail 25Start9.30
Start MarathonStart10.00
Start Halve MarathonStart10.00
Start trail 16Start10.30
Start trail 10Start10.30
Start run 5Start10.45
start run 10 Start10.45
Finishline festival, Live music, Coverband, DJ MathonFinish11.00 -17.30
Awards  17.00



Parking is free at: Stadionplein 51, 6224 AJ Maastricht.

Click on the button Courses & GPX above!

No, the route won't be mapped out with signs. Use the GPX provided above to navigate the courses during the races. The only exception will be the swim courses. Those will be set out with buoys.

There are several aid stations on the course however keep in mind that these are self-service. More information on aid stations to come.

Please find the rules and policies in the footer on the bottom of the page.

Yes, with your ticket you get healthy food and beverages, coffee before the start and beer at the finish line.

No, a deferral to a next year or a transfer to another person is, unfortunately, not possible.

Until 45 days prior to race day: 25% refund of the entry fee.

After 45 days to race day: no refund will be awarded.

Yes, this is possible. Send an email to

Yes. Send an email to We'll come back to you as soon as possible.

Check the event schedule above!

There is a designated festival area for spectators to enjoy the festivities however spectators may also view the event at each course. 

Rules & policies

Withdrawal requests must be received during the below time frames to be eligible for a partial refund. Athletes must submit their withdrawal request through contacting during the following time frames:

  • until 45 days prior to race day: 25% refund of the entry fee
  • after 45 days to race day: no refund

It is not possible to defer the slot to another year or another person.

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